Why are Sealants important?

sealantAccording to a report by the Surgeon General, sealants can help prevent dental decay by up to 70%. Haslet Dentist is happy to discuss with our patients, ways we can prevent ever getting cavities in the first place. This allows your dental work to be even more pain-free and financially easier on the wallet. We want our patients mouth’s happy and healthy to keep up with your great smile.

Sealants are a fantastic way to prevent and protect your teeth from future decay. They act as a barrier to food, plaque, and acid, thus protecting the decay-prone areas of the teeth. As shown in the picture to the right, some grooves in teeth are so incredibly steep, even a fine toothbrush bristle is unable to reach the bottom of the groove. This allows bacteria to remain on your tooth which can lead to a cavity.

sealant2Sealants can be vitally important to keep this from happening to you and your teeth. A thin resin sealant can be placed over these grooves by the dentist or qualified assistant. This will fill in these deep grooves, protecting the tooth from bacteria in these more vulnerable areas. It will also round out the deep grooves, allowing you to take better care of the tooth when brushing in the future.

Haslet Dentist offers a warranty with the sealants we do. If the sealants are done in our office, we will warranty them for the next 3 years.